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Planning Travels

International Strategy & Execution

Multiple examples of international strategic plans executed through tightly controlled tactics realising successful sustainable new markets launches, new product launches, portfolio management execution and partnerships on 5 continents. Examples of success include un-locking double digit growth from a complex, fragmented slow moving region,  winning awards for niche blue-ocean market activation and winning market leadership positions in a number of geographies.

Powerful Computer

Digital Transformation

See the published white paper how, under Nick's leadership, Reed Travel Exhibitions delivered the highest value pivots to digital in the world.

Reed Travel Exhibitions Case Study

Nick led the customer insight assessment, the next-generation value design (not just another webinar), planning and execution resulting in world-class outcomes in terms of value, volume, customer return on investment and satisfaction. 

Outdoor Event

Post-merger Integration

End-to-end leadership of the successful project to bring 20 million customers together into a global travel loyalty scheme with a common flexible value proposition underpinned with new technology, new partners, new brand, multiple airline and other partners with a team of more than 20 companies and over 300 people operating in 5 countries. 

Human Pyramid

Creating a High Performing Team

Nick re-engineered a large legacy team building a new culture based on trust, empowerment, talent and making bold moves, transforming the team into an award-winning, customer-delighting, budget-beating, growth accelerating and innovative team with a turnaround in team net promoter scores which reflected into the market resulting in world-class customer satisfaction. This High Performing Team:

  • Transformed a multi-decade old slow event into an exciting higher value, wider scale, higher ROI event

  • Won awards for the best new event launch in the world

  • Delivered the most successful digital pivots globally.

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